3rd Commandment

3. You do not bring the Name of Yahuwah your Elohim to naught, for Yahuwah does not leave the one unpunished who brings His Name to naught.

The third commandment of the Covenant between Yahuwah and his people has to do with the proper use of his Name and our actions.

Elohim is qodesh (set apart), and the Name of Elohim is qodesh (set apart). Therefore, the misuse of His Name is forbidden. Yahuwah will hold anyone who profanes his name accountable. To address Yahuwah by the title Lord (Baal) or God (Gad) brings His name to naught. To bring His Name to naught means to make void, empty, worthless. To flippantly use the Name, or to say the name carelessly or without thought to the set apart character of the one whose Name is being used, is to bring His Name to naught. We must not dishonour His Name or diminish it. To mishandle His Name indicates that you do not love Yahuwah and you do not want to honour or revere Him.

Also to never mention His precious Name brings His Name to naught. When addressing Elohim in prayer, it is essential to our relationship that we call upon him by his Name. Just as we address humans by their given name, we are to speak to Elohim by using his revealed Name - Yahuwah.  

Those who hate His Name are inviting curses.

As we have discussed earlier, the Hebrew word for name is 'SHEM'.

Shem (H8034) is described in strongs concordance as:

character, reputation, memory or reknown.

It also states :

Names make a statement about an individual.

The names by which the Most High revealed Himself reflect something of His person and work.

So we are not just discussing a name as something we call an individual by, we are looking at the character and person of the Most High.

So the commandment also refers to the way you talk or think about the character and person of Yahuwah.

Our actions have a huge impact on bringing Our Creator's person to naught. If we say that we love Him and follow Him yet do not obey Torah and do not walk as His Son Yahushua walked then we are bringing His Name to naught. Actions speak much louder than our words and our actions towards our Creator and towards others should be in accordance with Yahuwah's ways as laid out in Torah. Messiah shows us and teaches how to live in accordcance to His Fathers commands.

Many say that they love Yahuwah and His Son Yahushua, yet their actions and deeds do not match up to Messiah's teachings.

If you have brought Yahuwah's Name to naught you need to repent of doing so.

The scribes and translators of Scripture have brought the Name of Yahuwah to naught by removing His Name from the Scriptures and making it a law not to speak the divine Name. They will not go unpunished.

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