Did You Know??  

Did you know that the sacred name of the Most High was removed from scriptures nearly 7,000 times?

The sacred name of YaHuWaH was removed by translators and replaced with God or Lord.

Did you know the Father's Name in English is not God or Lord?

The Father's Name is YHWH. Pronounced Yah-HOO-ah.  

Did you know that the letter 'J' is less than 500 years old?

The letter 'J' was the last letter to be added to the English alphabet less than 500 years ago. It was not in existence 2,000 years ago when the Messiah and the disciples walked the earth.

Did you know the Son's Name was NOT called the hellenized version Jesus?

The messenger Gabriel told His Hebrew parents to name Him 'Yahushua' meaning YaHuWaH saves. 

Did you know that Christianity was NOT the original Faith of the apostles?

The original faith of the apostles was known as the Nazarene sect. 

Did you know the word 'church' derives from the name of a pagan godess?

The word church originates from the pagan godess called Circe pronounced Churche - the daughter of the sun deity Apollo. It is where we get the word circus from.

Did you know that the word 'christ' originates from the word christos?

The word christ originates from the pagan deity known as Christos (kristos). Who was also known as Krishna.

Did you know the word 'holy' originates from the Hindu spring Festival?

The word 'holy derives from the Hindu spring festival in honor of Krishna the spring sun god. later the greeks borrowed holi and changed it a bit to Heli... the suns rays. Holy is also symbolized with the sun discs and rings of sunlight around peoples heads.

Did you know the word 'easter' originates from the godess Ishtar?

The word 'easter' comes from Ishtar, the bare breasted goddess of fertility

Did you know that the Sabbath (see fourth commandment in Exodus 20) is really on a Saturday?

The Sabbath was changed to a Sunday by Constantine to his 'day of the sun' in 321 CE.

Did you know the title 'lord' defines the pagan deity Ba'al?

The word 'lord' is another name for the sun god Ba'al. (Remember Elijah and the prophets of Ba'al?)