What's In A Name?

So Proverbs 30 v 4 asks this question:

‘Who established all the ends of the earth? What is HIS NAME, and what is HIS SON’S NAME? Surely you know!’

Do you know?

This verse seems to tell us that The Most High has name, as does His Son.

Yet what is that name? Where is it in our English Bibles?

Many other religions have names for their gods i.e. Allah, Buddha, Krishna etc. Yet our Almighty Creator in our English Bibles doesn’t seem to have a name. It seems to just use the title of ‘God’ or 'Lord.' But which lord or god?

Out of every belief system, its foundation is laid upon one thing – the person and character of the one they believe in and place their faith and hope in. In order to be able to do this, you must know who the on you believe in is.

The first thing you do when getting to know someone is to ask what their name is. Once you know their name, you can begin to find out about who that person is. When you begin to do this, every time you say that person’s name you think about them as a whole, their name and who they are in character.

So if we are to begin to know our Creator, surely a good place to start would be with His Name?

The Hebrew word for name is 'SHEM'.

Shem (H8034) is described in Strongs concordance as:

character, reputation, memory or reknown.

It also states :

Names make a statement about an individual.

The name by which the Most High reveals Himself reflects something of His person and work.

So we are not just discussing a name as something we call an individual by, but we are also looking at the character and person of the Most High.

So, in asking the question, ‘What is the Father’s name?’, we begin a journey of coming to really know who He is.

So what is our Creator's Name, and what is His Son's Name?

Let’s see if the Scriptures and history can answer this question.

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