Hebrew Name Meanings

Let's have a look at some more names in Scripture and go back to their Hebrew pronounciation and meanings.

See how many have the Name Yah or Yahuwah or El in them, There are quite a few!

Names in Scripture

Samuel- Hebrew Name is Shemu'el= “Heard by El”

Jeremiah- Hebrew Name is YirmeYAHU= “Exaltation of Yahuwah”

Daniel- Hebrew Name is Dani'EL "El is my judge"

Joel- Hebrew Name is Yo'EL= “Yahuwah is El”

Obadiah- Hebrew Name is ObadYAHU= “Servant of Yahuwah”

Micah- Hebrew Name is MikaYAHU= “Who is like Yahuwah”

Habakkuk- Hebrew Name is ChabaqqUq= “Embrace Yahuwah”

Haggai- Hebew Name is ChaggiYAH= “The Feast is Yahuwah”

Malachi- Hebrew Name is Malaki = “My messenger”

Ezra- Hebrew Name is EzrAH= “My Help is Yahuwah”

Matthew- Hebrew Name is MatithYAHU= “gift of Yahuwah”

Luke- Hebrew name is LukAH= “My Light is Yahuwah”

Timothy- Timotheos = “Honoring Elohim”

Peter- Hebrew Name is KephAH= “My Rock is Yahuwah”

Isaac- Hebrew name Yitshaq - “Laughter”

Judah - Hebrew name YAHUdah- "Yahuwah be praised"

Zerah- Hebrew name ZerAH- “The Rising of Light is Yahuwah”

David- Hebrew Name Da'ud- “Well beloved of Yahuwah”

Uriah- Hebrew name UriYAHU- "My light is Yahuwah"

Jehoshaphat- Hebrew name YAHoshaphat- “Yahuwah is the Judge”

Uzziah- Hebrew name UzziYAHU- “Strength of Yahuwah”

Josiah- Hebrew name YoshiYAHU- “Founded of Yahuwah”

Matthan- Hebrew name Mattan “A gift”

Joseph- Hebrew name Yoseph “Yahuwah has added"

Job- YAHshub = “Yahuwah Will Return”

Jeroham- YAHrocham = Yahwah is compassionate”

Jonathan- YAHonathan = “Yahuwah has given”

Benjamin- BinYAHmin = “Son of the right hand”

Zedekiah- TsidqiYAHU = “Righteousness of Yahuwah”

Hizkiah- YechizqiYAHU = "Stengthened of Yahuwah"

Zebadiah- ZebadYAHU = “ Enowmet of Yahuwah”

Obadiah- ObadYAHU = “Servant of Yahuwah”

Elijah - ELiYAHU = "My El is Yahuwah"

Eve - ChawwAH - "Life giver"

John - Yochanan - "Yahuwah has favoured"

Samuel - Shem'uEL - "Heard by Yahuwah"

Joshua - YAHoshua - "Yahuwah is Salvation"

Zechariah - ZekarYAH - " Remembered of Yahuwah"

As we can clearly see the names of these many people give us incredible insight as to who our Creator and Savior is.